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Shanxi Expo Release Date : 2010-08-12

Shanghai Jintai Engineering Machinery Co., ltd attended the Shanxi Electric and Mechanical Equipment Expo (from August 8 to August 10) together with other over 500 equipment manufacturer as well. There are about 1200 products displaying on the show involving the equipment, energy saving and environment protection technology, new source, etc.

Expo Site

Construction site in Shanxi Taiyang

Construction site in Shangxi Xiongyun

The expo is hosted by Shanxi provincial government and machinery association and attracted many visitors.

Shanghai Jintai brought many brochures on SG, SD, SH, ZKD and so on to attend the expo and got good result. Although the expo did not especially focus on engineering machinery, there were still a lot of visitors who were concerned with Jinati’s Machines. Many of them are from building companies, bridge companies, infrastructure and contracting companies which successfully marketed Jintai in Shanxi province while such constructor would be also helped by getting information from Jintai at the expo.


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