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SH25H drilling rig with down hole hammer successfully drilling on Tianma Hill site Release Date : 2010-08-26

The early August encountered the extremely high temperature since 137 years. The temperature on the site broke through the 39 degree for many times and reached 45 degree. Even under such fierce conditions, Jintai’s machines and its staff drilled many pile holes on the weak weathered rock on the Tianma Hill construction site one by one.

General manager LinJian talking with Mr Wang Yuqing

Rock residue sample drilled by SH25H of Jintai

Marching forward the next target

Tianma construction site is built for the Songjiang Shenkeng Hotel which is located on the lowest sea level in the world. According to the planning, this five star hotel is only 15 m above the ground level and has 21 floors totally.

Dream coming into truth

During the construction of pile foundation of the hotel, the contractor found the underground rock hardness near the hole is very high (compressive strength above 120Mpa) which is not available for the normal contractor to drill 32m hole. However, SH 25 H realize such impossibility at 1m/hour drilling speed.

SH25H hydraulic drilling rig with air actuated down hole hammer is the new product adopting extendable chassis, reinforcement rotary bearing and big triangle structure, thus making the drilling rig more stable.


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