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First Exhibition of Jintai Products Release Date : 2010-05-29

On May 27, 2010, through several months of effort of all staff of the company, the First Exhibition of Jintai’s Products was held successfully. The customer representatives, supplier representatives and some specialists in the industry from all over the world gather and witnessed the successful opening of exhibition.

General manager’s address

Signing place for opening ceremony in hotel

Visit on the workshop

A team entering assembly workshop

Equipment Display

Communication between Lin Jian and customers

Secretary of the communist party talking with head of China Machinery association

Overseas agent and customers

Study machines

The main theses of the exhibition is the display of new products, discussion and information exchange on underground construction process and cases and signing of strategic corporation, etc.

At 9:00 Pm, general manager, Mr Lin Jian addressed the opening speech and gave the brief introduction on the recent development of the company.

Mr Lin firstly expressed that by the chance of Shanghai  World Expo 2010, Jintai sincerely appreciated its thanks to every leader,

experts, customer and suppler by the first exhibition of Jintai, and then would like to share the recent research result with all guests

through new product display.

The first exhibition of Jintai displayed the latest process of all kinds of leading products, presented to the visiting people a comprehensive Jintai thought visit to the factory and introductions on construction cases and meanwhile, provided a platform for the people from both China and overseas to exchange information.

During the recent years, Shanghai JIntai has always insisted principle “ To build a solid foundation together and to create a century project forever and created platform making continuous profit for the customers.

In 2009, Shanhai Electric Group invested 120 million RMB to modify the old workshop and relevant equipment, thus improving the competition ability of Jintai. With the support of people from different field, Jintai will be bound to get good economical and social benefit.

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