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Vitrac from Vietnam Visiting Shanghai Jintai Release Date : 2010-09-08

Recently, Vitrac from Vietnam visited Shanghai Jintai, which ignited the dawn of hope to enter the Vietnamese market.

Vitrac is a company focusing on machinery maintenance, machinery lease, spare part supply, import and export, etc. The company owns USD 25 million assets with over 20 years of history and has successfully introduced many famous brands of heavy machinery from Japan and Germany. Nowadays, Vitrac is the exclusive distributor of IHI crane from Japan, Everdigm mud pump, Sakai roller, etc.

Visiting the new workshop

Watching process surface

Interesting in Mazak processing center

Interesting in Mazak processing center

Director praising the rotary bearing

Listening the instruction on Kelly bars

The six people including the director Mr Vien visited workshops accompanied by the staff from the international trade department of Jintai. The Jintai’s magnificent workshop, grand machines and orderly management style impressed Vitrac company. The both sides discussed the cooperation issues in the afternoon. The Vitrac expressed its strong intention to collaborate with Jintai in the meeting and would like to market Jintai’ products through attending exhibition, releasing Vietnamese instruction on Jintai and Jintai’chines,organize customer’s conference, etc. The Vitrac would like to be the exclusive distributor and spare parts supplier by its unremitting effort. At present, negotiation on cooperation and machine purchase is still underway with the international trade department of Jintai.

Once the cooperation is successful, it will be bound to lay a foundation for Jintai’s machines advancing towards the Vietnamese market in large scale.

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