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Display the First Grade Machines and Gather the Various Guests Release Date : 2010-12-01

The curtain has fallen on bauma 2010 Shanghai. In this magnificent meeting, Shanghai Jintai was definitely the focus. The grooving machine C80 which almost touched the sky attracted many visitors to watch. The 40 m high machine like a giant not only impressed many domestic visitors but also foreign potential guests.

During this exhibition, Shanghai Jintai displayed SH series rotary drilling rigs of triangle structures, SD series rotary drilling rigs of rectangular structures, SG 60 diaphragm wall grabs excavating up to 100m depth, M series three shaft drilling rig composed of extendable drilling pipes and middle located rotary head invented firstly by Jintai and C80 suitable for complex stratum by CSM method. Abundant categories of machines attracted over 100 foreign visitors to came to Jintai’s booth who are from such countries as Russia, India, Brazil, Turkey, USA, Austria, Vietnam, Egypt, etc. The leading technology, perfect quality and competitive price aroused the strong purchase intention of foreign customers, and furthermore, some foreign guests would like to be the distributors in their own countries.

In order to express thanks to the support given by the foreign customers for many years, Shanghai Jintai invited them to attend a banquet held in an Italian restaurant near the Bund. By the chance of bauma 2010, the guests gathered again and witnessed the splendid history of Jintai. With harmonious melody and bright light, the banquet reached the climax. The two customers signed corporation agreement with Jintai and increased the luster for the banquet.

Jintai, one of the most professional underground construction manufacturers, is ready to go toward the whole world by its leading technology and excellent quality.

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