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SH36 drilling rig got praise in Ningbo Beilun site Release Date : 2010-07-29

On the evening of July 23, there was heavy rain in Beilun Port of Ningbo, but the construction was still under way. Both staff from Road and Bridge Group and from Shanghai Jintai were always very busy. On the next day, when we came to the site, we found that all staff were busy working with SH36 with safety helmets against hot weather. All people relaxed when the sixth pile was finished.

According to the instruction of the constructor, the undergoing project will connect Chuanshan, Daxie, Beilun and so on with total length 33 ilometers, thus relieve the traffic congestion in the port area. Since Shanghai Jintai’s SH36 arrived at Beilun port, it had been operated continuously on the site with Jintai’s sales persons, engineers, operators, etc.

SH36 is a kind of new product invented by Shanghai Jintai itself in April, 2010. As a specialized equipment for drilling the large diameter and deep depth pile, SH36 is good for the complex stratum. Its big triangle structure can guarantee good stability and verticality of the hole in the process of the construction. It is SH 36 that speeded up the construction schedule and made the contractor confident in Jintai’ machines.

Jintai’ SH 36 on the Beilun port of Ningpo

Samples from different stratum

Working staff on the site discussion the samples

Contractor supervisor: “the SH 36 is really pretty good!”

Inspection on the verticality nearly finished

I feel comfortable only when seeing the operation of our Jintai’s machines within all my life.

Nightfall coming, but the construction was still going……

From the morning to the sunset, the high speed running of SH36 on Beilun port project was fluttering with dreams of many Jintai’ s people in China.



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