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  Shanghai Jintai Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd is a state-owned holding company, which belongs to the construction machinery division of Shangahi Electric Corp. As the most famous company entering the foundation industry, Jintai was established in 1921 and once was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange. Jintai had a JV with German Bauer company from 1996 to2003. We are mainly engaged in producing mechanic-electronic-hydraulic integrated foundation equipments widely used in highways, railways, bridges, dams, harbors, subways, infrastructures, municipal constructions, geological prospecting, and underground water resource exploitation projects. We own the advanced world standard technology and a powerful technical team. Besides this, we also have the excellent producing ability with advanced production facilities. We are proud of to be assessed as a high and new tech enterprise six years in a row. In recent years, we introduce more than ten special working methods every year. Because of meeting the demands of markets, our products can give solutions to technical problems of many key national projects. So, our products and projects can get some government supporting policies, subsidies and tax-reduction policies.

We enjoy a prosperous market, having nine series products: SD&SH Series Multi-functional drilling rigs, SG Series diaphragm wall grabs, GPS Series Engineering Machines, SPJ Series water well drilling rigs, GD Series hydraulic large diameter rigs, SMW machines, BZ hydraulic pile frame, FC Down hole hammer, and so on. Those machines are sold a lot in the market and meet requirements of different projects.

Our recruitment philosophy: with flexible systems of recruitment, promotion, employee assessment and assignment, to inspire enthusiasm and creativity in their daily work, and then to improve productivity. Ultimately, to realize optimization and rational human resource allocation. Simultaneity, we focus on the employee training. By new employee training, single item training and technical training, we establish and consummate the circle training management system from plan making, implement, control, to assessment. We insist to combine whole employee training with personal improvement to realize our modern manufacturing enterprise training system which is suitable for our development.

We insist people oriented philosophy, taking talented people as our treasure. We respect talented people, understand them, cultivate them, and inspire them. We create the excellent recruitment system and environment to provide the arena for their performance. We insist that our employee will get stronger with our company together.
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