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This logo design perfectly integrated conceptions of brand(Jintai), terrain(worldwide),industry(Construction machinery),products(metal rigidity),and gave exact expression to this meaning.
  Brand image:

Blue——calm、wise、correct、profound, Blue is the color of sky and sea;
Blue stands for forever;? It means we engaged in the High-tech and efficient products.
Green——environmental protection、green energy,it means that we will take the underground resource as our development trend, such as water, geothermal resources, crude oil and natural gas. It corresponds with the main color of products, full of vigor and flourish,reflecting an ever positive and aggressive corporate culture;
Black——massive、steadfast、steady-going、powerful, it will further show the products and industry features of JINTAI.
Square type: Ancient Chinese philosophy “Round-on-Square”, means we stand on Earth, specializing in the foundation machinery.
“Round on square” means we have right time and right place; furthermore, with an excellent, united and aggressive team and outstanding reputation, we are invincible to reach higher achievements continuously.

The green part resembles the ground cross section, meaning our machines will drill through all complicated ground stratum, and exploit various treasure.
Also it looks like the pillars which are bearing the foundation of architecture, standing for “A high building, a low foundation”.
It indicates the importance of foundation: “to build a solid foundation together, to create a century project together”
Meantime, “J”—steady、solid、positive、forward、talent
“T”— steady like “Tai Mountain”、reliable
Also meaning the company name(JINTAI)
The bule arrowhead
The gradual expanding of the upper part of arrowhead means exploitation of the underground space; The lower part of the arrowhead looks like the Grab shovel; The whole part resembles the sharp-cut and powerful bit, shovel, and hammer, reflecting drilling, grabbing, and cutting construction methods, as well as industry features.
Showing that JINTAI always engages in research and production of the foundation machinery, this arrowhead also brings us the strong visual impact, coming into aesthetic feeling of power; and including the deep connotations, such as the fortitudinous, aggressive and all-conquering characters.

Using the ancient Chinese official script, an ancient style of calligraphy current in the Han Dynasty, this “round on square” calligraphy brings us the perfect inosculation.
The English characters are based on straight line, presenting the sense of brightness and modernization.
In a word, this logo design perfectly presents us the JINTAI products and industry features, by adopting the ingenious combination of the colors and style.

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